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STUDY (scientific monitoring)

It is important to mobilise operators in site knowledge : good knowledge of a site is a vital prerequisite for good management. A great many studies are therefore performed on the sites : environments are described in detail, vegetation is mapped, animal and plant species are listed and the main physical characteristics such as the type of soil or floodability are identified. These studies provide an initial report on the state of site quality and function, as well as a diagnosis used to define management orientations. All this information is used to draw up a management plan for each site, setting objectives to be met in the more or less long term and a timetable of operations to be implemented to meet these objectives.

At the same time, monitoring is provided to learn how the environments and populations of certain species evolve over time, particularly in response to the methods of management used. Plant reports, counting the areas occupied by nesting birds, inventories of Amphibians or Odonates, measurement of fluctuations in alluvial groundwater levels or bank erosion rates... all provide a set of indicators which can be used to evaluate the pertinence of management methods and reorient them where necessary. This scientific monitoring requires standard protocols within the context of the programme’s scientific mission, so as to be able to compare and use the data obtained from the various sites, on a basin-wide scale.

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